How To Play Hill Climb Racing 2 Online With Friends

If you are a fan of hill climb racing games then you must know how addictive the game can be once you start playing it. The game has also a  sequel called Hill Climb Racing 2 which obviously has more features, racing events, and vehicles but more enhanced graphics, funky gameplay, and online gameplay.

Play Hill Climb Racing 2 Online With Friends

So discover the joy of online gameplay with physics-based multiplayer driving. Follow the simple guide and learn how to play Hill Climb Racing 2 Online With Friends. Team up, compete in different challenges, and experience the thrill of racing together on amazing tracks.

I played the previous version and it was very habitual and thrilling but as soon they launched its sequel I thought that they may have improved the graphics and added more cars. But I was surprised to see that now you can add and invite friends to race with you with lots of public and racing events.

Let’s find out how to do that with a few simple steps.

Step By Step Guide To Play Hill Climb Racing 2 Online With Friends

To play with your friends download Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod APK now. Enjoy the gameplay, relieve the stress, and improve your gaming skills while having fun.

  • After downloading the Mod APK file. Locate the file in your downloads and tap to install it.
  • Now launch the game play a little while to unlock the event option and tap on the events option from the top of the game menu.
  • Now on the left side of your screen, you can see different options Tap on the friend’s icon at the bottom of those options.
  • Now you will see a plus sign tap on it and a new option will pop up.
  • From the pop-up option tap on send link. You will now see different social media icons click any of the icons like e FB, Twitter, or WhatsApp, and send the link to your friends.
  • As soon they will click on the link after they have installed the game on their device. They will be connected to you or each other.
Hill climb racing 2 online guide

Happy Racing!

But if you want the non-moded version you can download it from the Play Store app of your device and you can add your friends too.

  • Just go to the Play Store or the App Store of your device.
  • Search Hill Climb Racing 2 and tap on the game icon.
  • Tap on the Download or Install option.
  • After the installation is completed run the app and enjoy.

Feature Of Hill Climb Racing 2 Online Gameplay

Get ready to climb hills on vehicles, compete, and celebrate with the following Hill Climb Racing 2 Online features:

  1. Multiplayer Excitement: Join the races in real time making the experience more thrilling and engaging.
  2. New Environment: Explore different terrains and tracks and new features to keep the gaming spirit alive.
  3. Leaderboard Competition: Compete with players and see who is the ultimate best hill climb racing champion.
  4. Regular Updates: Enjoy the new and fresh content, tracks, and vehicles for endless fun.
  5. Social Engagement & Fun: Connect with online friends and share the online excitement and thrill together. While talking to each other in real time having jokes and laughter. Compete with new players and make more friends.
  6. Relieve Stress: Feel the rush of races, taking a break from your daily routine.
  7. Team Up: Make your own teams of racers with friends and compete to stay top on the leaderboard.


Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fun game and thanks to developers now you can add your friends to play this game. i have shared a link to download the moded version of the game. So you can enjoy the game at its full capacity.

I have also provided a guide on how to play Hill Climb Racing 2 online with friends and other players worldwide. You can buy any vehicle and upgrade it to increase its control and physics. So take a break get into unlimited fun and relieve your stress now.

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