Download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money Fuel & Diamond V1.60.0 Free For Android

If you love adventurous and funky games. Download the Hill Climb Racing Mod APK now and get ready to experience the thrill of hill climbing, performing stunts, and collecting fuel, coins, and diamonds. With Hill Climb Racing Mod APK you can unlock new vehicles, customize and upgrade your vehicles, and explore various tracks. Download it now using the download button below and go on an adventure filled with nonstop action and entertainment.

There are many racing games with amazing features and gameplay but some of the games are made in such a way that we find ourselves addicted to them. Don’t you want a game that pumps your adrenaline with its thrilling and entertaining gameplay? if yes then this game is for you. Are you ready to master the hills and become a legendary driver? install it now and start the journey.

Hill Climb Racing Features

AppHill Climb Racing Mod APK Unlimited Coins & Fuel
ModdedYes (Unlimited Coins and Fuel)
Developed ByFingersoft
Size84.25MB Approx.
VersionLatest v1.60.0
Updated3 Days Ago
Review10.8 M
Rated3.6 +
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Hill Climb Racing Mod APK is the game to revolutionize your gaming experience. This game was developed in Finland by a self-taught programmer called Toni Fingeross. The was released in 2012 by Fingersoft company. Once you will start playing it you will find it hard to put it down.

With the hill climb racing mod APK with unlimited money diamonds and fuel, the game is unstoppable. If you want more fun, excitement, and funky gameplay also download Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod APK. Relive all your stress and take a break from your daily routine. But if you are an IOS mobile user you can install and download Hill Climb Racing APK on IOS. I have provided an article on using APK files on IOS in my blog. Have fun!

About Hill Climb Racing History & Versions

Hill climb racing is a physics-based driving game that you can play offline. It is basically a race uphill while collecting fuel to reach as far as you can and you also need to collect gems and coins on the way.

Platforms: The game was initially released for Android but a month later Toni also released it for IOS mobile devices. You can also play it on Windows 10 directly.

Within 12 months of its first release, it reached 100 Million plus downloads. It began to appear on Google’s most downloaded games making it more popular than before.

In 2013 the game became the 10th most downloaded game in the USA and the 7th most downloaded game in the world. To celebrate its 1st-anniversary Fingersoft releases special content related to the culture of several countries like Spain, Germany, Japan, and Russia.

Hill Climb Racing-Mod APK-unlimited fuel

In 2015 they also released the Chinese edition of the game as per Chinese video game rules. The game was praised with the Best Innovation award regardless of its paper-like graphics.There are many features to enhance your gaming experience but are locked and you can unlock them only by playing further in the game and winning races.

Features Of Hill Climb Racing

Here are the main features of the Hill Climb Racing you will love. I have also provided features of the hill climb racing Mod APK below to spark the level of excitement:

Offline Gameplay:

The game is developed to play offline with lots of daily tasks and events to complete under different situations like fuel and terrain difficulties.

I love to play it all the time no matter if I am sitting on a bus, car, or railway station.

Unique Environment:

Hill climb racing mod APK offers you a unique environment in which you have to race uphill to win the race through obstacles.

At first, the graphics were called bad but the developer made cartoon graphics on purpose to attract all kinds of audiences. And it actually happened as the game has now reached 500M + downloads.

Variety of Stages:

There are more than 36 stages e,g. hills, muddy terrain, bogland, desert, moonland, haunted place, and much more with daily tasks to play with. Each level or stage has its own difficulty, physics, and hazards.

Each stage demands a specific type of vehicle and gives you thrills and goosebumps throughout the gameplay.

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The game offers a wide variety of vehicles with each set of unique specifications suitable for different terrains and stages.

The list has more than 35 vehicles like sports cars, mini bikes, motorbikes, monster trucks, vans, fire trucks, and even a tank to drive.

I have driven many cars but I like super offroad very much as its tracks provide more traction than any other vehicle and useful upgrades make it ideal for any type of stage.


The are many upgrades for vehicles like suspensions, tires, fuel, and engine upgrades to enhance your gaming experience.

A lot of game upgrades and versions are also released to bring you bug-free fresh content and exciting gameplay.

Vehicles Simulated Physics:

The gameplay is based on physics simulation and you can enjoy the very good physics of different cars with their own unique navigation.

At first, it was difficult for me to play but as I played more and more and got used to its controls and physics. I can swear that it is the most addictive video game simulation I have ever played in this category.

Each car will react differently on different stages making your gameplay more realistic and thrilling. Let’s see what you got.


You have also a garage to make your own customized vehicles. You can choose chassis like racer car or monster truck etc. Set up and upgrade engines and tires for better grip and performance.

About Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

Seeing its popularity in 2021 its first modded version was released. This version as compared to the original offers additional features to enhance your gaming experience.

I have played both versions but I like the modded version more as it provides more excitement and gameplay freedom without restrictions. I can buy and upgrade any car and play any stage at any time.

What Are The Features Of Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

The Mod Apk offers you the following features:

Unlimited Coins:

With unlimited coins, you can progress faster and unlock all content quickly. You can buy unlocked premium items and cars immediately and can focus on the gameplay.

Unlimited Gems:

There are some premium items like different types of boosters you can use in the game. In the Mod APK, you can use free unlimited gems to unlock and purchase these boosters quickly.

Unlimited Fuel:

The vehicles need fuel to cover maximum distance and you have to collect it during gameplay. But thanks to the modded version you have now unlimited fuel and can focus on racing and experimenting with different stages.

Unlocked vehicles:

I have mentioned before the types of vehicles they offered. In the modded version you have all the vehicles unlocked.

Unlocked stages:

It is full of daily challenges and amazing stages that are unlocked and you can play any stage instantly. Each stage has its own unique environment and hazards.

Unlocked Upgrades and Tune-Ups:

The modded version lets you upgrade any vehicle for any stage at its full capacity as you have unlimited game currency. You can tune up and upgrade vehicles all at once:

Engine Upgrades:

You can now spend your free coins to purchase any upgrade at any time. With each upgrade, you will get more horsepower.

Tire & Tracks:

You can upgrade tires and tracks to enhance your traction on different terrains.


You can upgrade the suspensions of your vehicles to get better offroad control and long run.

Free Shopping:

With Mod Apk installed on your device you can enjoy free shopping within the game you can buy new vehicles, customization items, and much more by spending real money.

How to Download & Install Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

Now! the important part comes! How do you get the Hill Climb Racing Mod APK game on your device? well, the process will be very simple and quick if you follow the instructions:

  1. First of all, you need to click or tap on the download button and it will simply start downloading your latest version of the game.
  2. If you have downloaded through a PC transfer the APK file to the mobile device and tap the file to start the installation process.
  3. After installation has been completed launch the app from the main menu.
  4. Allow third-party installation.
  5. Follow the instructions by allowing the required permissions if asked. Enjoy!

Download Hill Climb Racing For PC Windows 7/10 or Above

This game was initially released for Android but you can also play this on your PC as PC has several edges as compared to Android and IOS devices.

If you have a lower version of Windows you will need third-party software like BlueStack or MEmu which are actually an Android emulator to play the game on PC.

  1. First of all download bluestacks or MEmu on your Windows or macOS.
  2. Install the software and launch it.
  3. Go to the search bar and type Hill Climb Racing. From search results select the file.
  4. Click on the get or install option to install the game on your PC. Launch it and enjoy!
  5. For Windows 10 or above use the Microsoft Playsotre instead of the emulator.
Hill climb racing Mod APK download unlimited gold and fuel

How To Install Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Using Emulator On PC

If you want to play with unlimited gold and fuel download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK from the above download button and follow the process to install it on your PC.

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Unlimited Gold And Fuel
  1. Launch the Bluestacks app on your PC. Go to > System apps > Media manager > Click on import from Windows.
  2. From the popped-up Windows locate and open the file to start the installation.
  3. Once the installation has been completed you can Launch the game and enjoy

Advantages Of Playing Hill Climb Racing Mod APK


  • You can play without the internet anywhere.
  • Its size is very light and you can install it on your device without occupying too much space.
  • Free upgrades and vehicles.
  • Easy controls
  • User-friendly interface
  • People of all ages can play it because of its cartoonish graphics.


  • You get all the advantages of Android along with a few more benefits like the PC has a bigger screen.
  • You can play with a keyboard providing you with more good driving controls.
  • Mobile devices have limited battery capacity as compared to PCs.
  • You can enjoy more detailed visuals as compared to mobile devices


There are not many games that offer so much fresh and unique content with unique car physics. Hill climb racing mod APK offers you a variety of unlocked vehicles and stages with a number of tune-ups to enhance your gaming experience.

Hill climb racing mod APK offers more features and content as compared to the hill climb racing original version. Whether you are looking for coins, unlocked vehicles, or free shopping it offers you everything for free.

You can download it from the above link and can play it offline selecting all kinds of stages and terrains with daily challenges and hazards.


Yes, Hill Climb Racing 1 offers in-app purchases. You can buy coins or gems with real money to progress faster or unlock vehicles and upgrades.

No, it is absolutely free, and even you have all unlocked cars and stages to play.

No, Hill Climb Racing 1 is a single-player game. However, you can compare your scores and achievements with friends through online leaderboards.

In Hill Climb Racing 1, you control the vehicle by tapping on the accelerator and brake pedals to adjust the speed. You need to balance the vehicle’s momentum and fuel consumption to successfully complete each level.

You have arrow keys on the keyboard for controlling the vehicle.

The main objective of the game is to complete levels by reaching the finish line without flipping over or running out of fuel. You can collect coins along the way to upgrade your vehicle or unlock new ones.

While Hill Climb Racing 1 doesn’t offer extensive customization options, you can use the coins to upgrade your vehicle’s engine, suspension, tires, and other parts. These upgrades improve your vehicle’s performance on different terrains.