Which Is The Best Vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2

Welcome to the world of thrill and adventures. Where you can test your driving skills with challenges and obstacles filled with excitement. If you like challenges and are ready to take over different terrains under different circumstances then you must play Hill Climb Racing 2. Each level is filled with obstacles and gravity difficulties with better car physics.

Best Vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2

But before you start your journey let me tell you about the best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2 so you can ignore the frustration in pursuit of finding the perfect vehicle. Here I will tell you about the number 1 vehicle in the game that is suitable for multiple levels and environments.

But before that here is the list of 4 vehicles that comes at number 2 to 5 on the basis of their overall performances, upgrades, and traction. Read the article and download Hill Climb Racing 2 now! select your vehicle and have fun.

Top And Best Vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2?

Here is the guide to finding out the top and best vehicle in hill climb racing 2 from 5th to 1st ranking. Let’s find out which one is the best from bottom to top. For the best vehicles in Hill Climb Racing Mod APK 1 read the article in my Blog.

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5. Tank:

The tank has tracks giving it more traction and ground delivery. It is best for adventures. Tracks also help in climbing uphills. Its good weight also helps to keep a good balance while in the air.

But it has a slower speed than any other vehicle not ideal for online competitions like racing.

4. Dune Buggy:

A dune buggy is a fast car its light weight makes it ideal for low-gravity tracks with different tactics.

The back wheel is bigger than the front wheel giving a tough downforce and providing it more air time for stunts and flips.

Also, it has a round cage giving it the advantage of protecting the character.  It can be unlocked by reaching the Silver III level and costs 30,000 coins.

3. Super Diesel:

This vehicle can be unlocked at Gold level III and 60000 coins are the cost. This vehicle has a long body making it stable at fast speeds.

The vehicle has very good suspensions allowing it to do long jumps making it ideal for time trails. It has a weak roof that will not protect character when hit by the ceiling of any level.

But with the use of boosts, it is very good for climbing.

2. Rally Car:

Once it is fully upgraded it can cover 100 meter distance in 5.15 seconds. It has 16 boost-up parts with 18 paint styles. The vehicle cost to unlock is 70,000 coins.

Its fuel capacity is moderate to almost 40 seconds. It has a good rooftop protecting the character from light hits.

1. CC-EV 

Now it’s time to know about one of the best number 1 vehicles from hill climb racing 2. Here are a few features benefiting this vehicle to stay at the top.

Parts: CC-EV is one of the best vehicles with 13 boost tune-up parts.

Paints and Wheels: It has a total number of 12 body paint styles and 3 wheels to change its looks. This vehicle was added in a later update and has orange body paint with blue electric blue outlines and rims. The total update costs 4290000 coins.

Speed Test:  It can travel 46.50 seconds on one charge. So you can cover long distances and can earn more rewards. It can cover almost 850 meters in one go.

Unlocking: It can be unlocked when reaching the diamond III level and can be purchased with 100,000 coins.

Grip: Its tires give a very good grip and traction and grip can be enhanced with tun-ups 2o times.

Battery Duration: It is an electric car and with its amazing battery it can cover long distances. It can travel 46.50 seconds on one charge. So you can cover long distances and can earn more rewards.

Multiple Levels: This vehicle is ideal for all types of levels, time trials, and especially for adventures because it can cover long distances.

With the help of its exploding engine, you can become a master of Cups mode. Its landing boost gives more boost making it perfect for Cups as well.


It is very difficult to choose a vehicle for hill climb racing 2. All the vehicles are very good but we have provided a guide for you to find out the top and best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2 on the basis of the overall performance and good looks.

I have given no 1 position to CC-EV on the basis of different features and upgrades making it ideal for adventures and cups. With its good grip, better traction for most terrains long-distance covering ability, and better engine boosts it is ideal for multiple environments.


The fastest vehicle in HCR2 is a supercar which can cover up to 100km/hr. But fast speed does not make it ideal for multiple levels.

Yes, it is one of the fastest bikes in this game making it hard to control but it has a good grip as compared to other bikes.

No! Each terrain and track has its own environment ground difficulty and gravity level. So, for different environments choose suitable vehicles. e.g For muddy terrain tank will be a good choice because it has no tires so it would not stuck in the mud.

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